English title:The Incident
The Incident tells the story of a young man, Johansson, who wakes up in a hospital bed in a room that looks more like a storage-room than a hospital. Both of Johanssons hands are bandaged. Johansson has no memory of what has happened to him. He is beeing treated by doctor Fries and nurse Lilian. The doctor seems distracted and answers Johanssons questions vaguely.

Director and Script – Henrik Andersson
Camera – Hans Johansson
Sound designer – Jonas Jansson
Editing -Simon Jedvik
Cast – Oskar Thunberg, Kenneth Milldoff, Anders Lönnbro, Asa-Lena Hjelm, Ylva Gallon
Decors – Katarina Elvén
Sound Mixing – Fredrik Jonsäter

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